Vehicle Plate Image Recognition

Identify the a license plate from an image. Our proprietary machine learning models can identify the plate value from over 100 countries.


It's fast.

Keep it simple for your customer. Recognize the plate from an image and pair with our decoder for data.

  • A trained model to read almost any plate from over 100 countries.
  • Covered from all angles with all backgrounds.
  • Not just cars, but motorcycles and RVs too!

Image -> Plate

Seeing is believing. That's why we're showing you the power of our proprietary license plate API to decode the plate value from an image. Let's see what an example response from the image returns when we pass it through the API requesting everything.

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Integrative System

The power of the API enables you to integrate it to any device or application that can connect to the internet.

Industry expertise

Rely on us to work out the quirks of actually decoding a plate from an image and we'll provide the data you need.

A beautiful API for an impactful data rich environment.

Build something

We're always improving our API, seeking out more sources for accurate up to date information and expanding our feature set every day. You need a vehicle API you can rely on.

Building tools

With a wide array of services to choose from CarsXE API gives you the tools you want when you want.

Grow your market

A simple cost structure, you only pay for what you need. Empower your business with pertinent data.

Launch time

Fast integration into almost any application and an even faster API response time.

Frequently Asked Questions

The confidence of a result if the algorithims confidence in the probability that our response is correct. The sum of all of the confidences are never greater than 1 (1 = 100%)

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